Brownfield 1st Action Group

Gedling Borough Council’s plans for 1100 houses at Top Wighay and 600 houses on land off North of Papplewick Lane have now been approved as part of their Aligned Core Strategy. The ACS will be forwarded to the Secretary of State probably in May. An independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to consider the comments that have been made and to test its overall soundness and legal compliance.

Part of this process will involve a Public Examination where the Inspector will hold round-table hearings to discuss specific issues. He/she will invite further supporting evidence from the Councils and respondents as necessary.

The timing of these stages is in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate, but it is anticipated that:

Our recent mailing campaign against these green field developments resulted in many donations totalling over £3500, which included financial support from Linby, Papplewick and Newstead Parish Councils as well as the Enterprise Group. This has enabled us to employ a Planning Consultant to assist us in our presentations to the Public Planning Inspector. His initial reports concur with our opinion, that the strategy for the two local developments proposed by Gedling, are neither legal nor sound. He is currently working on a strategy with the group to take to the Planning Inspector.

Thank you to all those who have generously donated and for those who haven’t already you still have a chance to do so!

Update July 2016

Linby Parish Council have submitted their response to Gedling Borough Council’s recent consultation on Part 2 of the Local Plan. This is where we saw the inclusion of the Hayden Lane site which they propose to build 120 homes. Please find attached our response for your perusal.

Download Response to Gedling Borough Council (July 2016)

Update September 2015

Gedling Borough Council are in the process of updating the Top Wighay Development Brief. Please find the documents attached for your perusal. The consultation period is between 18th September to 30th October. Linby Parish Council will be making representation.

Download Top Wighay Farm Draft Development Brief (September 2015)

Update November 2014

Linby Parish Council have submitted their objection to the proposed building of 38, four bed roomed homes on land off Wighay Road.

Since my last update a lot has happened. The long awaited finalised ACS Report was published by the Planning Inspector, Jill Kingaby. We are disappointed that the Inspector did not address many of the concerns raised by Papplewick and Linby Parish Council, as well as Ashfield District Council. Land north of Papplewick Lane had their numbers reduced to 300 homes, whilst Gedling Colliery had 600 homes allocated to that site. Unfortunately Ravenshead and Calverton seemed to benefit from this additional housing. I have attached the report for your perusal.

Download Inspectors report

The planning application by the Co-op for 300 homes on land north of Papplewick Lane as seen Gedling Borough Council give outline planning permission, however, Ashfield District Council have refused permission regarding access onto the site. The reason members of the Planning Committee refused permission was they cited Policies ST1 (b) and HG5 (e) of the Ashfield Local Plan Review 2002. In passing a resolution to refuse the application, Members of the Planning Committee expressed significant concern relating to adverse visual amenity and the lack of integration with the wider residential development. It was also considered that approval of the application would result in a scheme of poor quality design based on technical highway requirements only, without any wider design benefits being provided to maintain or improve the quality of the visual amenity of the locality. The policies cited are directly relevant to these concerns.” So as it stands the Co-op have permission for a land locked site.

Finally, Strata Homes have submitted a planning application to Gedling Borough Council, 2014/0950, to build 38, four bed roomed homes on land off Wighay Road. As yet this is not out for formal consultation but Linby Parish Council will be reviewing the application in due course.

Update April 2014

Since my last update, Linby and Papplewick Parish Councils have submitted further written representation with regards to the Co-op application on land north of Papplewick Lane. This application still has not been presented to the planning committee. However, we have asked to address the committee when they have the application placed before them. I have attached our additional comments for you to download for your perusal.

Aligned Core Strategies—Main Modifications (March 2014)

The emerging Aligned Core Strategy sets out the Council’s plans for growth and development in Gedling Borough up to 2028. It covers the broad locations of development and includes strategic policies for housing, business, retail and transport. The Aligned Core Strategy is currently being examined by an independent planning inspector who, since June 2013, has been looking through all of the relevant documents, considering all of the comments that have been made and testing the ‘soundness’ and legal compliance of the Aligned Core Strategy. Since the start of the examination process, a number of changes (modifications) have been made to the Aligned Core Strategy to respond to comments received, issues raised by the Inspector and to ensure the Strategy is both sound and legally compliant. We are now consulting on these modifications. Comments should be received by 5.00pm on Wednesday 30th April 2014.

The schedule of proposed main modifications, other relevant documents and information on how to make comments are available to view below. A copy of the formal Statement of Representation Procedure can be accessed via this link:

Linby and Papplewick Parish Councils will be making representation on the main modifications.

Linby and Papplewick Parish Council have now submitted their additional objections to the development proposals by the Co-op, on the land north of Papplewick Lane, to Gedling Borough Council. They are attached for you to download for your perusal.

Update January 2014

Gedling Borough Council has just completed the latest round of consultation regarding their Local Plan—Issues and Options October 2013. The Local Planning Document is being prepared by Gedling Borough Council and will cover the whole borough. The document will include:

Site specific policies, allocations (of non-strategic sites) and designations for new housing, employment, retail, community facilities, recreation and open space, nature conservation and other land uses. Detailed policies to help deliver specific allocations and help in the day to day assessment of planning application. Linby and Papplewick Parish Council have made representation which you can download for your perusal.

Local Planning Document Issues and Options October 2013

Planning application for land North of Papplewick Lane

The Co-operative, who owns some of the farmland behind Papplewick Lane, has put in a planning application. This is for permission to demolish houses on Papplewick Lane, widen the lane, create an access road and get outline permission to build 300 houses, school annexe, open space, recreation area and drainage ponds on the site.

The site is proposed for housing under Gedling’s Aligned Core Strategy (ACS). Residents, Brownfield First and Linby and Papplewick Parish Councils have been campaigning against this. Ashfield District Council also strongly objected to Gedling Council’s proposals to include this site.

The Co-op has chosen to put in an application before the conclusion of a Planning Inspector’s Examination of Gedling’s proposals. Even so, both Councils have a duty to consider the application.

Residents may get letters from both Councils. The proposed access point on Papplewick Lane is in Ashfield District. The rest of the site is in Gedling Borough. The application does not cover all the land Gedling want to include for housing. So there could more houses and access points in due course.

Please ensure you register your comments with both Councils.

The concerns you could raise with the Councils include things like:

You can search online for the planning applications on:

Update November 2013

The hearings that were on 15th–17th October and 5th–12th November have now concluded. We made representation at 6 of the 8 sessions and with Ashfield District Council left the Inspector under no illusion that these sites, Top Wighay and land North of Papplewick Lane, would not be sustainable developments and would have a huge impact on Hucknall’s infrastructure.

On the last day of the hearings Gedling Borough Council proposed two key modifications to the plan, namely the inclusion of Teal Close as a strategic allocation for 830 dwellings and for 300 dwellings to be included at the end of the plan period for Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm.

The Inspector also requested that additional work be undertaken to explore what the impact on Hucknall will be if the new housing developments at North Papplewick Lane and Top Wighay go ahead. At the hearing Gedling Borough Council suggested that this work should be available within two to three weeks which would then be submitted to the Inspector for her consideration. It is then anticipated that proposed modifications to the plan will be issued for a 6 week period of consultation which is likely to be early in the New Year.

Update September 2013

I would like to thank everyone who supported our recent fundraiser on Friday 20th September. The event raised £3901.40—which is absolutely fantastic. The reason for the event was to raise much needed funds to pay for the planning consultant we have employed. Rob has now completed the bulk of his work and on Thursday 19th September, Linby & Papplewick Parish Councils submitted our written response in relation to the questions that were raised by the Inspector, post the pre-hearing meeting in July. Our response is attached for your perusal.

The final step will be to attend the hearing and make representation on 15th–17th October and 5th–7th November.

Update June 2013

The Aligned Core Strategy has now been submitted to the Secretary of State and this will start the examination process. An independent planning inspector will be appointed who will look through all of the submission documents and supporting evidence, consider all of the comments that have been made and test the ‘soundness’ and legal compliance of the Aligned Core Strategy.

The Planning Inspectorate has produced this document to explain the process for examining core strategies.

Part of the process will involve a Public Examination where the Inspector will hold round-table hearings to discuss specific issues. The examination process will be administered by a Programme Officer who is independent from the Council and works directly to the inspector. The Programme Officer will be writing to those who have made comments on the Aligned Core Strategy. Any queries regarding the examination process should be directed to her using the following contact details:

All information relating to the examination process is available on the shared website, including the timing of the next steps, correspondence between the Council and the Inspector and documents relating to the examination.

The Planning Consultant we have employed will be preparing our case to ensure all the key points are put before the Inspector. We plan to attend the hearing—we will keep you informed as and when we know more.

Land North of Papplewick Lane

The Co-operative estate is now preparing a planning application for up to 300 new homes. This represents 9.9 acres of the 15.9 acres of land that is safeguarded in Gedling Borough Council’s Aligned Core Strategy. The remaining 6 acres are owned by a private landowner. As yet we do not know what their intentions are.

NJL Consulting, who are preparing the planning application on behalf of the Co-op, recently ran a consultation to get initial thoughts on the design of the scheme. They have also prepared a website— The plans on the website represent their initial thoughts on the potential design for the scheme. The website is your chance to view and comment on the proposals and keep up to date with any progress. We urge you to make your feelings known!

In addition to this website, they will also be writing to those residents who will be most directly affected by the proposals with further details, as well as holding an exhibition for anyone to come along, see the proposals and meet the project team. Further details will be posted on the ‘News and Updates’ page once dates are confirmed; however, we believe it will be at Papplewick and Linby Village Hall.

As a group we will be keeping a very close eye on this application and as and when they submit a planning application we will engage our planning consultant to make our representation with regards the application.

Teal Close

Teal Close has not been named in Gedling’s ACS as a strategic site. However, recently the Northern trust has submitted a planning application to Gedling Borough Council for 830 homes to be built and employment land as well as the features below

As a group we fully support this application and feel this is a far more sustainable development than Top Wighay and Land North of Papplewick Lane. It also fulfils the criteria of a strategic site (≥ 500 homes). As a group we will be writing to Gedling Borough Council in support of this application. For further information please visit