Welcome to Linby Village

Linby Village is a small parish situated in the Leen Valley, approximately 9 miles to the northwest of Nottingham and within 5 miles of junction 27 of the M1 motorway.

The village, deemed a Conservation Area, retains much of its picturesque character, with streams, known as the Linby Docks, flowing down each side of the main street and local stone built cottages. The church of St Michael is much restored, but dates back to the 13th century. There are two crosses in the village – the Top Cross, was originally medieval and the Bottom Cross probably erected around 1660 to celebrate the restoration of King Charles II.

Linby Hall is a section of an original medieval great hall with numerous stone outbuildings one of which is “The Old Dovecote”, there is also a water wheel and associated milling equipment at the rear of the hall. The original stone built school is now known as “Hanson House” and is the County Girl Guide Centre.

A local legend claims that the pancake was invented by the women of the village, to celebrate the defeat of Danish invaders who had enslaved them.

In 2013 Linby was voted as overall winner of Nottinghamshire’s best kept village. In 2011 they were voted as winner in the population less than 300 category.